Unbrako's Engineered Fasteners team can design and manufacture virtually any fastener, in any size or configuration, to solve your toughest fastening problems.
Their worldwide production facilities and distribution channels give you the capacity you need to ensure a timely supply for even the highest-volume OEM applications.

Unbrako Engineered Fasteners have been put to the extreme test in such performance sensitive areas as small engines, braking systems, power generating equipment, heavy manufacturing, and commercial printing equipment. Unbrako's proven engineered fasteners consistently perform where others have failed.


  • Hexagon sockets, TORX® drive configurations, 12-point, hex drives

  • Internal and external threads

  • Full threaded and double-ended studs

  • Alloy steel, stainless steel, carbon steel and exotic alloys

  • Large sizes

  • Lengths up to 144" (3600mm)

  • Thread rolling capability through 3" (75mm) diameter

  • Specific thread designs and root radius run-outs

  • Cadmium, zinc, tin, chemical black oxide, phosphate, Teflon® based coatings and organic platings (standard, propriety and unique-to-application coatings)