The Eight Advantages of Unbrako® Socket Cap Screws

Unbrako has developed and maintained certain manufacturing advantages that continue to set them apart from all competition. Below is a summary of these advantages. Click for more details about Unbrako's unique features and benefits - UNBRAKO ADVANTAGES (PDF File - 97 KB).

All Socket Cap Screws Have Rolled Threads
Higher Minimum Tensile Strengths
E-CODE™ LOT CODE™ Head Markings
Compound Fillet Radius
Radiused Root Thread Runout
“ WR” Thread Form
Etching for Thread Laps

Additionally, Unbrako runs in-process Statistical Process Control on selected, dynamic dimensional characteristics of their products. However, as a check-and-balance, they also perform a Final Inspection on random samples taken from each lot. Unbrako also performs a full compliment of laboratory tests, as required by ASTM specifications - including decarburization, hardness, and wedge tensile strength. Unbrako is very proud to be registered to the International Quality System, ISO 9001 since 1996.